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Mark Copelovitch - Tour de Conover 2018

Mark Copelovitch

This summer, several of us from Beth Israel Center, along with other Camp Ramah in Wisconsin parents, will again ride our bikes to raise money to support kids going to camp. This year, we'll be doing a 100-mile "Tour de Conover" in mid-July, riding around Eagle River and into Camp Ramah for Visiting Day on July 15.

There are many reasons for you to donate to our ride - here are just a few....

1. You like me and want to support things that are important to me
2. You like my children and the things that are important to them
3. You like summer camps and want more kids to have that experience
4. You like biking and want to support people who bike
5. You like Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and wish more kids could go there
It doesn't matter what reason - please consider giving $18, $25, or 10¢/mile (~$10), or even more. Thanks for your support!




raised of $2,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Jordan Loeb
Thank for letting us crash your Ramah visitors party. We are making another donation in lieu of rent.
2. Kenneth Cohn
3. Michael & Melissa O'Russa
Keep that cadence steady and watch out for those false flats.
4. Billie and Si Hellerstein
5. Temah S Copelovitch
Stay on the bike! B&T
6. Sara and Jeff Mandell

Team Beth Israel Center - Tour de Conover 2018

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